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Which Type of Flat Cover Is Right for My Truck and Me?

Maintaining a pristinely clean truck can be a difficult process. Especially when the bed of your truck has no protection from the harmful rain. Slowly deteriorating the trunk, your truck will lose both it’s worth beauty quicker. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution for this, a truck bed cover. Bed covers provide you with both security and looks, with little to no effort done on your side. Unfortunately, there is such a variety of options for bed covers it can be daunting to find the right one for you and your truck.

Don’t have a breakdown, though; one step at a time will be the key to your success. Picking the right bed cover relies on your understanding and love for the truck. Important characteristics you should be looking for are style, durability and features.


One of the more popular choices for truck bed covers is a brand called, BAKFlip. “Built to outlast your truck,” the BAKFlip motto they proudly stand by has satisfied hundreds of customers. With most of their bed covers being able to hold up to 250 pounds in evenly distributed weight it’s able to carry tools without any worry. Its locking mechanism ensures no one will be able to get in as well.

The BAKFlip VP Tonneau Cover, is one of the cheaper bed covers while still giving maximum effectiveness. Coming in at around $698.00 it is a foldable cover made of fiberglass. Included with it is a two-year warranty, which means if it breaks or doesn’t live up to its name you can return it. BAKFlip is so sure about their product they are willing to send you a new cover if the one you bought doesn’t fit, free of charge.


The Truxedo is another brand many truck owners are familiar with. Since its creation in 2000 it has been a notable company for protecting your bed. With a sleek look it allows your truck to blend in to any environment without people realizing your truck has extra features. The tonneau cover will work in any climate as well. Whether it’s negative 40 degrees fahrenheit or 120 degrees over, your cover will not fade nor freeze up.

Sure, during the rain some water might sit on top of it, however, as soon as you start driving the water will slide off and your cover will return to its normal shape. Now, if you don’t see your car build or your model number, don’t be alarmed, you can still acquire a Truxedo bed cover for your truck. The Lo Pro cover Truxedo sells is customizable to the shape of your car. Meaning, if your vehicle has three extra inches of bed, they’ll be able to work with the Truxedo bed cover.


When it comes to luxury and comfort there aren’t a lot of options. Sure, most of these covers will protect your items. However, when it comes to packing everything up and then taking it out a lot of these bed covers don’t help. The Bedslide cover helps trucks for maximum efficiency; instead of just guarding your belongings, it’ll roll them out so you’ll easily be able to pick out what you want. You’ll no longer need to think like a tactician in order to remove your tent from your truck bed.

Luckily, you won’t even need to do too much work considering most of the pieces comes assembled already. Were you to put it together and the pieces didn’t work or even if the pieces broke while in use, you’ll be able to return or exchange one the of the better bed covers because of their lifetime warranty. Although, it’s unlikely for it to break because it’s strength holds up to 2,000 pounds.


Created in 1982, Extang has been a staple in truck bed covers. With an assortment of options to choose from it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for me. Thankfully, almost all of their covers also contain a lifetime warranty. However, there are a couple that only have a 10-year warranty on the tarp, while the actual guardrails is a lifetime warranty.

The Extang Solid Fold 2.0 is an example of their desire to constantly innovate and redesign to near perfection. Improving their classic Solid Fold cover it is capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions nature can throw you. Equipped with the same features of the solid fold cover, it’s no surprise this is a popular truck bed cover. Included with the previous attributes it also gives your cover a sleek, matte finish. Coming fully assembled it allows you to do as little work as possible.


Finally, we come to Retrax truck bed covers. These come in two series: Premium Aluminum and Polycarbonate. The premium aluminum series uses aluminium slats connecting to the walls of your truck. Providing a closed seal, it prevents any liquids from entering your truck, while also giving your truck a sleek, professional look. All you need to open the hatch is to push a button and you can watch it seamlessly slide back and forth.

Using the same mechanics as the premium aluminum series, the polycarbonate series uses one solid piece of polycarbonate which locks into place keeping your belongings safe and dry. The durability keeps it resistant from dents and heavy weights, as well as protecting it from temperatures ranging between negative 50 degrees and over 200 degrees fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, the Retrax cover requires you to do more work than the other companies listed. However, understanding how to install a truck bed cover will make it easier for you to decide your own cover. With a variety of options to choose from it can cause anxiety, but narrow down specific characteristics you are looking for and it’ll make the journey easier.

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