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What is the Load Capacity for My Thule TracRac?

As you start looking at additional tools to put on your car you will come across a variety of racks for your truck. Each with minor differences, nothing too extravagant to set the racks apart—at least most of them. Thule is one of the few manufacturers with noticeable alterations in their designs. Their products allow you to adjust the height and width to the size of your truck or van. No longer do you have to buy a new rack because you got a new truck or van.

The main reason you are looking for added tools for your truck is because of the amount of stuff you are packing. Both, work and personal hobby, have started to escalate in enjoyment and need. Realizing the obstacles of packing everything in the bed of your truck, you have come to the conclusion you need a truck rack. Thankfully, there are many wonderful products out there to choose from, you just need to know what you are looking for.

What Kind of Thule TracRac are You Getting?

When it comes to picking the right Thule TrucRac, there are a few variables you need to pay attention to. Price, size, functionality and durability are the main attributes to picking a rack for your truck or van. Looking at price first, you’ll notice the Thule TracRac TracONE is one of the cheapest tools listed. Coming in at 449.95 dollars, you’ll be given an extremely lightweight and quiet item to carry a list of things.

Not only does it come in at one of the cheapest prices available, but you’ll be able to carry 800 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Being evenly distributed is an important factor to remember. Putting 600 pounds all on the right side, will massively hinder the way you drive. You’ll be left with a slight lean to the right, and this can cause accidents were it left alone.

Going up in price you’re given the option of the Thule TracRac Pro 2. Starting off at 649.95 dollars, you’re given a rack with extremely durable aluminum construction. This allows you to carry objects weighing up to 1,000 pounds in evenly distributed weight. Typically, this rack is for the true professional; someone who is used to getting their hands dirty. Installing the corner braces ensures it’s solid enough to transport loads of lumber or ladders.

The Thule TracRac Pro 2 is considered one of the best racks on the market, but it didn’t stop Thule from creating more designs. At 799.95 dollars stands the Thule Xsporter Pro Rack System. Unfortunately, while it does give you more a pleasurable design, it isn’t capable of carrying as much weight as the previously mentioned tools. Only being able to hold 450 pounds of evenly distributed weight, it isn’t as strong, but it does come with its own functions.

The Xsporter is capable of locking it in place with the locks it includes. Being made extremely aerodynamic it allows for a quieter drive and restricts movement during transportation. The Thule TracRac SR is similar in its design and functionality. Being based off of the original design it comes with a lot of the basic advantages. However, it comes with additional tie-down components and gear to protect your belongings. Unfortunately, the Thule TracRac SR starts off at 1,049.98 dollars; making it one of the most expensive option. Although, sometimes price is an indicator to how well of a product is. Picking the right truck rack comes down to you, though.

Making Your Life Better

Picking the right truck rack can be an arduous process. There are so many options available and sorting through the information available is a frustrating plan. Thankfully, once you know what you are looking for it narrows down the choices enormously. With a Thule TracRac you are guaranteed to see an improvement in your work and personal life.

You are now able to carry multiple objects when you travel. Were you to go to the woods you can now easily bring along kayaks, food, tents and other necessities. Now, you don’t need to strategically place the kayak, you can just attach it to your rack and bring it along; leaving more room for your other belongings.

Trying to play Tetris with your belongings as you shove them into your truck is a thing of the past. Your rack can easily store ladders and other larger objects on top of your truck or van. With half of the tools being able to hold over 800 pounds of evenly distributed weight, your traveling is now more flexible. You don’t have to store some of your equipment home, only to rush back to get it when it’s in need. The idea of easy transportation has become a possible plan with the speedy advancement our country is going through.

Choosing the Right Thule TracRac for Your Car

The right truck rack is out there for you. Picking a Thule TracRac is one of the better options to choose from, but it’s understandable to not want one. However, the acquisition of this equipment will ease the stress you feel when traveling. It will also make your work life exceptionally better; through performance and reputation. The lack of a truck rack can cause more damage in the long-run.