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What Should the Distance Be Between the Bars On My Thule Roof Rack?

When it comes to improving your life as you get older there isn’t much stuff you can do before it starts to become outlandish and unnecessary. Making your travel life easier is one of the better options if you are someone who goes on outdoor adventures a lot. Even if you aren’t an outdoor hobbyist, but have a lot of equipment to store in your truck or van this product will be for you. A truck rack is perfect for every man and woman who camp frequently or own a business involving outside.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in there is so much competition out there and the amount of information shared can make you feel like you are drowning. Trying to sift through all of the messages telling you to buy their product, but not truly explaining why. Thankfully, there are a few companies out there who want to make your online business a pleasurable and simple one.

At the Tonneau Factory Outlet, we offer a variety of products, however, there is one in particular for this occasion—the Thule TracRac. This type of truck rack is perfect for transporting kayaks and canoes, or ladders and gardening tools. However, there is a frequent amount of questions wondering how far do you distance the bars on their new TracRac. Hopefully, with some thorough explanation this question will be answered.

Which Thule TracRac Are You Buying?

When it comes to deciding the right rack for your truck or van it all depends on your own needs and how long you’ll need them for. Thankfully, all of Thule TracRac’s products are extremely durable and are typically made with aluminium to avoid corrosion. For example, one of the least expensive options they offer is the Thule TracRac TracONE as it comes in at 449.95 dollars. With a fully adjustable height function you can change the length at will were you to need more room to transport bigger tools.

The transportation of lumber is vastly different than the transit of a kayak. For one, a kayak has a curved bottom, and front and back; lumber is typically flat, which allows it to sit flatly. These require different heights when you drive, thankfully, the TracONE is capable of holding up to 800 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Although, this requires you to put the bars on opposite ends of the truck when you use it.

With its clamp system in place, you don’t have to drill in any holes, allowing you to move the bars as you see fit. You can even set them next to each other to maintain a low profile. With an aerodynamic design, you’ll be able to drive as if it’s not even there. However, going up in price to 695.95 dollars you’ll land at the Thule TracRac Pro 2. While nearly similar to the TracONE, it does have its slight differences.

The Pro 2 comes pre-installed with a multi-tool kit mount. Allowing you to attach your gear as you drive, freeing up space in the cab for other materials you need. Coming in multiple sizes you’ll be able to find the right size for your truck. Providing multiple additional tie-down points for you, you are now able to fastenly store your belongings more thoroughly than before. After all, you’ll now be able to hold up to 1,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight, it’s important for none of that weight to shift around.

It’s also why you’ll need to place the bars at the ends of the bed when you are using it. Unless you plan on using lighter materials, then you can bring in the bars but it’s recommended to keep them at the ends while in use. Even the newest product Thule TracRac released needs to be placed properly during use. The Thule TracRac SR may be the pricier option of the three, but it comes with some added functions.

The most important, newest benefit added is how flexible the bars are now. With the two previously mentioned tools you use a clamp system to hold the bars in place. With the SR it’s affixed to a track system and you use a knob to lock it in place. Were you not using it or wanting to keep a low profile on your rack, you can just loosen the knobs and slide the racks next to each other. The sliding movement has simplified the functions of these useful tools. No matter which one of these racks you choose, they will all immensely benefit you.

How Will the Truck Rack Help Me?

Owning a truck rack can fulfill many desires people have. Whether it’s to ease packing when going on long camping trips or cut down on cars needed when going to work, a truck rack can make your life easier. With a rack installed, you can place all your lumber, ladders and gardening tools on the top before you go to work. Freeing up space on the bed and in the cab, you can now place more valuable items there without the worry of damage coming to them.

Obviously, you don’t want to put extremely valuable documents or tools in the truck bed without a truck cover. But, you’ll be able to put lawn mowers, nitrogen tanks or even medical equipment in the back now. You won’t have to take two trips to bring all of your belongings to places. The same happens when you go on outdoor adventures. Now, you can place your kayak, snowboard or even ladders up there, and leave the bed of the truck for your tents and coolers.

Picking the Right Thule TracRac

You know your needs more than anyone else. Taking two cars to every job site because you can’t fit everything into one car will be shortened with one simple tool. When going on long road trips it’s always better to be in the car with the person you are going with, instead of having to use walkie talkies to communicate with each other. You’ll be able to bond and develop strong memories together. Cutting down on redundant tasks will make your life easier, but you’ll also be happier in the end.